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Lee's Locksmith Las Vegas

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​​Residential Locksmith Services

Here’s a few examples of some things that all of our licensed locksmiths are qualified to do:
·         Key copies
·         Fixing broken locks
·         Changing locks
·         Installing locks
·         Installing keyless entry systems
·         Creating master keys
·         Installing bedroom locks
·         A range of security systems

Being locked out of your home can not only complicate your day and become a burden but it can also be incredibly worrying and stressful, especially if you have somewhere that you need to be. Whether you have a broken lock and/or key, have left your keys in the house, lost/misplaced your keys or whatever the scenario may be, it is certainly going to be something you want to get sorted by an expert locksmith in a timely manner! We here at Lee’s Locksmith Las Vegas pride ourselves on our efficiency. We will get to the ‘scene of the crime’ instantly and we will literally be ‘in and out’ before you know it; while at the same time providing state of the art services and modern techniques.

All of our locksmiths specialize in securing homes, as we understand how important it is to keep your family and loved ones safe. We provide a range of products including padlocks, bolts, keyless entry systems, doors and gates, master keys as well as decorative locks and lock re-keys. Do you have a teen who is desperate for some privacy? We can install bedroom locks so that your child has privacy and feels independent yet at the same time provide you with a master key for an emergency to ensure they are still safe.

Lee’s Locksmith Las Vegas provide a locksmith service that will fit the budget and desires of all of our customers. Whether you need us to perform key duplication, install a master key system, repair locks; you name it, we do it! Whatever it may be our 24 hour technicians are ready to help anyone, at any time. Our locksmiths are based all over Las Vegas, so whether you live in North Las Vegas, Summerlin or Henderson NV, it is never too far for us to travel. Call Lee’s Locksmith Las Vegas today (702) 720-5561.