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Lee's Locksmith Las Vegas

​​Commercial Locksmith Las Vegas Services

Here are some of the products/services we offer:

  • Locks
  • Gates
  • Doors
  • Master keys
  • Intercom systems
  • Safes
  • CCTV
  • Exit devices
  • Key
  • Door control

Hundreds of professionals have appointed Lee’s Locksmith Las Vegas as their number one provider when it comes to locksmith services. We have worked with real estate agencies, retail stores, hotel and casinos, taxi companies, car dealerships, offices, restaurants, bars, clubs, banks, gyms and many more! We have the team of professionals to help your business on a large scale whether it be fitting your newly built hotel rooms with locks or securing your offices; you name it, we do it!

We offer state-of-the-art products along with modern technology, and can integrate security architecture for any budget. We can install and repair safes, CCTV systems, intercom systems, exit devices, door control, key pads, gates, card access systems doors and more. With over 15 years of experience we can also freely suggest and advise ways in which your company/business would benefit from certain security systems.

We provide excellent safety solutions which are tailored at a price to suit each individual situation. For example, if you have a brand new hotel and want 200 locks fitted, we’re not going to charge you 200x what it would normally cost to fit one lock. For Locksmith services on a large scale we will apply discounts to not only the services we provide, but to the stock too! Tailoring prices at a rate that all of our customers can afford makes Lee’s Locksmith Las Vegas the number one company of choice for the greatest protection.

We are also happy to work in conjunction with businesses who are in need of regular locksmith services and provide regular on call help at lower rates; basically the more you use us, the cheaper we get. On top of this our employees are trained in excellent customer service skills as we believe in building good relationships with our customers. We have found that this approach works best not only for our business but for our customers too; we get repeat business and they get a locksmith that they can trust and rely on who they know is fair. Our 24 hour technicians will be happy to assist you and provide you with a free quote for your business, call us today (702) 720-5561